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April 25 , 2024 | Vivid


MRI scans help us identify tumors in the body, diagnose them, and start treatment very quickly. It is also a scanning technique used to capture the structure and function of the body’s internal organs. Unlike other scans, no harmful radiation is used in an MRI scan. They do not cause any other health problems. “Finding…

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January 24 , 2024 | Vivid

Vivid Home Collection: Redefining Healthcare Convenience at Your Doorstep

Have you ever thought about getting your checkups done in the comfort of your home, at your convenience? It would be great, right? Vivid Diagnostic Centre brings that greatness into reality with the all-new HOME COLLECTION unit, where you can get all your basic checkups done in the comfort of your home. At Vivid, we…

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January 22 , 2024 | Vivid

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Lab for Your Check-ups

Choosing the right diagnostic centre for your healthcare check-up is quite important. The accuracy of treatment depends on the results you get, so it’s vital to choose the right place. Here in this article, we will guide you through the aspects that you have to keep in mind while choosing a diagnostic centre for your…

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January 22 , 2024 | Vivid

“Diabetic Wellness : Navigating Habits and Health with the Best Lab in Kochi”

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for our well-being, and for someone with Type-2 diabetes, it’s even more crucial. This article will tell you what habits to avoid and what adjustments to make while treating Type-2 diabetes. If you’re looking for a reliable diagnostic centre for blood tests, rush to Vivid Diagnostic. The only blood…

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November 14 , 2022 | Vivid

What is a healthy lifestyle?

A balanced diet is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and enough sleep. Living a healthy lifestyle keeps you active, healthy, and less prone to illness. According to the WHO, adopting a healthy lifestyle enables

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November 05 , 2022 | Vivid

Why is coronavirus called a game-changer?

It’s normal to feel anxiety, worry and grief any time you’re diagnosed with a medical conditio – and that’s certainly true if you test positive for COVID-19, or are presumed…

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October 21 , 2022 | Vivid

How Do Mental and Physical Health Relate?

Mental and physical health are very tightly related, even though Sometimes it's thought that the mind and body are separate. Your physical and Mental well-being interact favourably.

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