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Why is coronavirus called a game-changer?

The world is now known as pre corona era and post corona era. The COVID-19 epidemic has rapidly and substantially changed our life in a way comparable to the most terrible historical events, like a World war. There is still a lot of uncertainty regarding how the crisis will develop and the potential post-crisis scenarios, which depend on some significant variables and factors. In truth, lakhs of people have already perished, and millions are afflicted worldwide. Despite the confidence brought on by the recent success of developing a vaccine, uncertainty still predominates in some ways. The COVID-19 drama is, from a more philosophical standpoint it was a stress test for our global system and probably an opportunity to reconsider its sustainability and some of its underlying principles.


The challenging match of all time, a battle we had never seen before. India, a country with above 140 crores population, how we fight against the coronavirus is a question and wonder we will think about in the future. The horrific panic we had never experienced and an extraordinary medical challenge that never before tried. Yes, millions were affected, and thousands died. But still, we fought against it without tiredness. The never give up of every Indian made it through it and helped us to survive. Corona is still around here, but we are getting used to it. Together we can hope for betterment, and together we stay alert.

What did we learn from the corona?

Equality! We have learned from this experience that we are all the same, regardless of our beliefs, cultures, or socioeconomic status. The fact is, the virus has no preferences. It brought us together and demonstrated to us the importance of sticking together. It made the weight of humanity clear to us during this upheaval, which left many of us in a state of panic. It affirmed our identity. Maybe things will start to change.

The importance of relationships.

Relationships are essential to our existence, and we must never lose sight of this. It’s remarkable to see how we can stay together at times since we have such a strong and caring connection. To share is to care. Sometimes we have to be reminded of the value of compassion. Remember that life is an opportunity, and we should value it.

We face together, and we fight together.

We learned a lot, and we have to learn a lot. We have learned the importance of togetherness, unity, and love, and the doctors, nurses, and all the volunteers who worked hard and gave their lives for us. Let us take a moment to remember them, stay together and fight until we win.

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