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“Diabetic Wellness : Navigating Habits and Health with the Best Lab in Kochi”

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for our well-being, and for someone with Type-2 diabetes, it’s even more crucial. This article will tell you what habits to avoid and what adjustments to make while treating Type-2 diabetes.

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Eat More Fiber

Fiber intake is crucial to maintaining diabetes since it improves digestion and helps you feel full by not making you overeat or reach for snacks filled with a lot of sugar and carbs. The higher the fiber content in your food, the lower the GI.

Portion Control

Having control over your dietary choices makes a huge difference. Try practising portion control, which involves limiting the food you consume. Ensure a balanced diet to enhance your health further.

Be Active

Being active improves your overall health, especially for individuals with diabetes. Always strive to incorporate physical activity into your routine, whether it’s a 30-minute walk, running, cycling, or any movement you prefer. Regular exercise can assist in managing blood sugar levels and reduce the need for medications or doses.

Stay Hydrated

Consuming adequate water helps keep your body hydrated and dilutes the blood, which in turn helps lower blood sugar levels. It also boosts your metabolism.





Smoking can perpetually increase the risk of diabetes. Once you quit, the risk drops, and eventually, you will witness considerable improvements in your diabetic results.

Skipping Meals

Skipping meals can make you hungrier later on, resulting in overeating. It is highly risky for people with diabetes to skip meals because it makes them more likely to have low blood sugar. It can also be why medication isn’t working effectively on your body. Also, consider eating healthy foods and foods high in protein, which can make you stay full longer.

Avoiding regular health check-ups

You can ensure that your health is in good condition by getting regular check-ups. They even offer insight into possible risks, which can direct appropriate medical treatments and lessen the likelihood of future health difficulties. If you are looking for a blood test lab near Kochi, Kerala, head to VIvid Diagnostic Centre.

Diabetic patients should never skip their regular health check-ups, as doing so increases the risk of remaining unaware of their diabetic levels. This unawareness can subsequently contribute to adverse effects on other organs in the body. Therefore, it is crucial to get regular health check-ups done and thus maintain optimal blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes. Vivid Diagnostic Centre, Kochi, makes it simple for you to have your routine check-ups done. Take charge of your well-being right away. We are the best lab in Kochi since we provide a broad range of diagnostic care services

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