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Vivid Home Collection: Redefining Healthcare Convenience at Your Doorstep

Have you ever thought about getting your checkups done in the comfort of your home, at your convenience? It would be great, right?

Vivid Diagnostic Centre brings that greatness into reality with the all-new HOME COLLECTION unit, where you can get all your basic checkups done in the comfort of your home. At Vivid, we focus on providing accurate health test results on time.

We have already established an easy-call facility and a technician network to guarantee that patients receive the best care possible in the comfort of their own homes.

As you have come to know about our HOME COLLECTION unit, is it really possible to get the blood tests done at home? Can the results be accurate, or what if there is no proper equipment? Let’s dive deeper into it!!

What is a blood test?

A blood test is the most popular procedure that medical professionals perform to keep an eye on your general health. The test may be performed in response to specific symptoms or as part of your regular physical examination.

Blood tests can be of many sorts. Some focus on platelets and cells, while others examine components such as hormones, proteins, and electrolytes in your blood. Others take your blood’s specific mineral content.

Can blood tests be performed at home?

When you’re sick, you can feel too weak or anxious to go out or get a blood test at a pathology lab. In such a situation, you should consider getting your blood test done at home. Our HOME COLLECTION unit can be your rescuers in such situations.


It is feasible to obtain your sample at home for numerous blood tests, as they demand a few drops of blood. Even tho it seems easy, all blood tests might have different specifications or directions, so make sure that you get it done under a phlebotomist for accurate results.


Are blood tests performed at home accurate?

Blood tests done at home can be accurate, but some factors can affect their reliability. Spot testing, for instance, might not be as accurate as blood tests that are examined in a lab but offer immediate results. This is where the advanced technology in our HOME COLLECTION unit may help to ensure that the results obtained at home are correct.

What to expect from the Vivid Home Collection unit!

When you plan to get your blood test done at home, a group of certified lab clerks or phlebotomists will come to your house at the appointed time. They will bring the necessary equipment needed to take a blood sample and store it carefully. To maintain the integrity of blood samples, the testing is carried out with sterile instruments. At Vivid Diagnostic Centre, our HOME COLLECTION unit places a strong emphasis on accurate testing and is well-trained, upholding the highest ethical standards.

While at-home blood tests can be highly accurate, it’s essential to follow proper procedures and rely on trained professionals to maintain precision. Vivid HOME COLLECTION Unit will always be here to help you out. Book your home appointment now at +91 9061 18 0088

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