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Automated Laboratory

Vivid Diagnostic Centre is a well-developed Diagnostic Centre located in Vyttila, Kerala. Our Laboratory Systems are known to be the best service-oriented and patient-friendly laboratories across Kerala. 

Offering health-friendly budgets, Vivid Diagnostic Centre specializes in Best Radiology, Pulmonary, and Cardiology Functioning Tests, Patient Care, and Ambulance Services. But the bequest of Vivid’s Blood Diagnostic Centre lies in the establishment of an Automated Laboratory System. This is the Best Laboratory in Kochi. Our team of experts specializes in various fields including Microbiology.  

The incorporation of contemporary technology into our already well-equipped laboratories has improved overall efficiency in our working. Automation and related improvements in our Laboratories have added to the productivity of our Blood Diagnostic Centre; faster blood results have benefitted our patients with early diagnosis of diseases and thus, our professionals have been able to provide them with quicker and immediate treatments. We have been offering services considering patient safety, doing our part to the best to improve the experience our patients have with us, giving them accurate and error-free results, and also, the right investigation and causes to accidents. We also provide the most righteous information to our patients about the processes of the tests they undergo. 

Even though mechanizing the functions and provisions of our laboratories have demanded for a lesser number of lab technicians and lower quantities of reagents, Vivid’s Automated Laboratory has speeded up tasks and has now entrenched in being one of the first-class laboratories in Kerala. Overall, Vivid Diagnostic Centre provides the Best Laboratory in Kochi.  

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