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MRI scans help us identify tumors in the body, diagnose them, and start treatment very quickly. It is also a scanning technique used to capture the structure and function of the body’s internal organs. Unlike other scans, no harmful radiation is used in an MRI scan.
They do not cause any other health problems. “Finding the best MRI scanning centre in a metropolitan city like Ernakulam can be challenging and confusing at times.If you are in search of the best MRI scanning centre, then visit Vivid Diagnostics, which is the most trusted scanning centre in Ernakulam. We ensure the best service with top-notch doctors and healthcare workers.

Why should an MRI be done?

MRI scanning is the most commonly used imaging test for the brain and spinal cord. It can identify and diagnose conditions including cancer, enabling prompt treatment. They also help identify damaged ligaments and joint injuries. Additionally, they are used to assess the internal conditions of the brain, nerves, eyes, and ears.From the best MRI scanning centre, these can be accurately understood and diagnosed very precisely.

How long does an MRI scan take?

It can take 3 to 8 minutes. The total time will depend on the part of the body being scanned, the size of the part, and how many scanning images are required. Sometimes it can last from 15 to 90 minutes.A more accurate diagnosis can be made from the best MRI scanning centre without taking more tedious time.”

side effects of an MRI scan

MRI scanning is painless and safe. It does not use X-rays; therefore, it does not have the concerns associated with X-ray scanning. But, in some instances, some individuals might experience a reaction to the contrast agents used in MRI scans.A diagnosis from the best MRI scanning centre helps in anticipating side effects and taking remedial action.

vivid diagnostic center

Vivid Diagnostics, the best diagnostic center in Ernakulam, provides the best MRI scan coverage. We serve you with utmost care and stand as the top choice for all your health and wellness needs.We are punctual in providing you with the best service, from scheduling the appointment for MRI scanning to delivering the results on time, and everything that follows. That is why we will always excel in being called the best scanning centre in Enakulam

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