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Computed Tomography ( CT ) Scan

CT Scan

Computed Tomography ( CT ) Scan

A computed tomography scan, often a CT scan, is a medical technique to obtain comprehensive human body images. Radiographers or radiology technologists are the personnel that perform CT scans. Healthcare providers use CT scans to see things that can’t be seen with the help of regular X-rays. It isn’t painful to get a CT scan done. If you’re searching for a dependable diagnostic centre in Kochi to be entrusted with your healthcare needs, your go-to destination is Vivid Diagnostic Centre. Renowned as the best CT scan centre in Kochi, it is widely acknowledged for its excellence and proficiency.

What is the purpose of a CT scan?

A CT scan is beneficial for evaluating injuries and making medical diagnoses. The imaging method can benefit your physician.

● Identify infections & bone fractures

● To know the exact location of tumors and lumps, including cancer

● Internal bleeding

● To guide procedures such as operations and biopsies

● Monitor the effectiveness of the treatment of specific medical conditions, such as cancer and heart disease

● To identify kidney stones

How much time does a CT scan require?

An hour is typically needed for a CT scan. The preparation takes up most of that time. Less than 10 or 15 minutes are needed for the scan itself. You can continue your regular activities by following your healthcare professional’s approval, usually after they’ve finished the scan and verified that the photos are high quality.

CT scans: Are they safe?

Medical professionals see CT scans as a safe test. Like X-rays, CT scans generate images using a small amount of ionizing radiation. The potential risks associated with this should be considered.

At Vivid Diagnostic Centre

Feeling worried about a CT scan is normal when your healthcare provider recommends it. However, it’s important to remember that a CT scan is generally safe and carries minimal risk. Moreover, it can provide a clear picture of your healthcare problem, enabling your doctor to offer you the necessary treatment. At Vivid Diagnostics, we strive to make you feel at home. You will be treated and guided in the best possible way, ensuring the most accurate results. If you’re searching for the best CT scan centre in Kochi, you’ve come to the right place. With our experienced and trained healthcare professionals, we can assure you of the best diagnostic care possible.

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